Friday, January 9, 2015


Je NE suis pas Charlie because I condemn disrespect for people's sentiments and for the figures revered by them, and Charlie Hebdo has been guilty of this. My prophet Muhammad whom I love and revere more than words can say was not a violent man or a man who revenged himself upon anyone, as Jesus was not, as Moses was not, as Budha was not.To portray him, or any revered figure or indeed anyone with disrespect is wrong.  When those cartoons appeared, it made me angry. But now I refuse to be herded into one of two slots with a 'You are either with us or against us' stance. There is a third slot, and perhaps a fourth as well. For myself, I am NOT Charlie,' I can not be. 
The reputation of such towering figures can withstand barbs. It is not they who are offended it is we who admire them. Therefore violence against people like Hebdo other than being murder and wrong is really revenge for our own ruffled feathers. Violence is against everything Muhammad stood for. So I wholeheartedly condemn the tragic shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo. It was an unjust, a criminal act, not the act of persons who love Muhammad. In this hour I am with Charlie Hebdo in sorrow, with the families of the dead and injured, and united with those who believe in freedom of speech, tempered with courtesy and respect.

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