Monday, May 22, 2017


Sometimes it really is black and white
One gets used to hypocrisy being a sizeable factor in politics, but sometimes things get nauseating.  Obviously, this refers to Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia, a kingdom of hypocrites as big as the dignitaries visiting them this week. It is hypocrisy whichever way you look at it. Even the term ‘visit to Saudi Arabia’ might be better called an escape, taking into account the hangama the President of the United States leaves behind in the country his ancestors chose to migrate to, particularly since the firing of the FBI Director, the ‘nut job’ James Comey who is now to testify before a Senate Intelligence Committee against his former boss.
Saudi Arabia’s biggest export is not oil but Wahhabism, the extremist, intolerant, violent ideology which has nothing to do with Islam, but claims to have everything to do with it. Donald Trump, who has no clue as to what either is about, only a couple of months ago called for a total shutdown of Muslims entering the US, and claimed that ‘Islam hated Americans.’ And now this visit. And this is the man who was welcomed into the country by the King of Saudi Arabia, bent almost double…okay, okay, that’s because he is old and bent, but he was bent double in other ways as well.
The Saudis in their wisdom restrict women in many ways. Women are not allowed to drive, to work, or to dress according to the heat in that country. They are certainly not allowed to *gasp* shake hands with males. If they put a foot out of line they are punished severely, and that includes being whipped by the religious police patrolling the city of Riyadh.
And yet there was the King and everyone else shaking hands with Melania Trump when she arrived in Riyadh with her husband, and no doubt Ivanka had her hand *gasp* touched by *gasp* men as well.  It is understandable that visiting female dignitaries cannot be dictated where their clothing is concerned, but why go out and *gasp* shake hands with them when an alternative, a courteously pleasant nod would suffice, seeing as the Saudis subscribe to the ‘Look Ma! No hands!’ creed? Either you believe in not doing something, or you do.
Melania Trump, by the way was dressed in a jump suit with the most loathsome belt circling her midriff. The jumpsuit failed to conceal her *gasp* crotch. Several other visiting female dignitaries have refused to subscribe to the hijab, but have at least worn something that conceals their *gasp* crotch.
But all of this pales into insignificance when we have Mr. Trump’s Sunday speech in Saudi Arabia to look forward to. By the time this goes to print, it will have been aired. It must be obvious by now that one is no fan of the Saudis but the temerity of this President of the United States (or any other) to presume to talk to anyone about Islam is breathtaking. If it makes moderates so angry I can’t help wonder what take extremist quarters have on the matter. Let’s pray that whatever that take is includes no violent repercussions on a sickened world.
Saudi Arabia is a rich neighbour that has stumbled on a pile of riches, not acquired them in any other way, and it is well on its way to wasting the opportunity in spectacular fashion. The country is good for a sizeable bankroll when required. We give you labour, you give us cash. Thank you kindly. Let’s call a spade a spade and nothing else, unless it is something uncomplimentary, and that would be undiplomatic.  It is hard to choose the United States over the Saudis any time, given the United States’ intolerant, terrorising, bombing segment which is not small, and given the Saudi’s support of regimes that are leading to starvation and death around the world. Intolerant, terrorising, bombing segments anywhere in the world are fundamentally the same, and we do not lack our own share.
Let’s learn to recognise what is right and what is wrong, and admit that we are all, them, us, and anyone else, here to get the best for ourselves, wherever we find it. Let’s learn to live with everyone whether we go to Saudi Arabia, the US or wherever else to make a living, seeing that it is easier to make a living in countries other than the land of the pure. Undoubtedly the Saudis have some good points. Certainly the Americans have many. The Chinese are welcome to Pakistan because it is clearly profitable for them. It is certainly so for us. But let’s not bend over backwards for anyone, and definitely let no one presume to lecture anyone else about something they don’t know quack about.

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